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Where can I download the free logo I made at Zarla?
Where can I download the free logo I made at Zarla?

Can't find your logo? Here are a few ways to get back to it.

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When you finished creating your logo, you should have filled out an email field, and clicked "Free Download" - without this step, no email is sent.

Once you click "Free Download" Zarla will send an email to the address you entered. The subject line will be "Download Your Logo Package" and it will be from [email protected].

Open that email and click on the "Download Logo Files" button. You'll see an offer for a website from Zarla (feel free to explore our AI-powered website builder!) but if you click through that, you'll immediately be taken to your logo download page.

On desktop, it looks like this:

You can always access your logo download page from that email. Or, you can also create a bookmark in your browser to save the URL of your download page:

If you've created a logo partway, but never clicked the the "Free Download" button, then the logo may not be available any longer.

Your best chance of finding your logo again is to return to using the same device as before, and see if this message appears:

If it does, you can click "Edit my saved logo" and continue from where you left off. If that message doesn't appear, then you're either on a different device, or your device doesn't allow cookies, or it's been too long since you created your logo.

In that case, the best solution is to create a new logo - but don't worry, Zarla makes it easy. Just remember to click the "Free Download" button this time around.

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