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Can I add a booking app or calendar to my Zarla website?
Can I add a booking app or calendar to my Zarla website?
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Absolutely! Every Zarla website comes with a button in the Hero section of your website to encourage your visitors to click and take an action.

If your goal is to increase bookings or appointments for your business, then this is the correct place for your booking app to be integrated. Any app can be used, but here are a few popular options:

No matter which booking app you use, you should have received a public-facing URL that your clients can visit to book an appointment, schedule a call, or even pay ahead of time for an upcoming service, class, or event!

Typically your booking page URL will look like or possibly You'll be able to see it at the top of your browser when viewing the booking page yourself.

To integrate your booking page with your website, follow these steps:

1. Copy the URL for your specific booking page and log in to your Zarla website.

2. Click on the blue "Edit" tab to make changes to your website, then click the "Hero" icon to make changes to the Hero section of your website, where your button is.

3. Every Hero section is made up of several elements. Click on the "Button" icon to make changes to the button element.

4. Paste your booking page URL into the optional link field. You can also change the text of your button to anything you like.

When finished, press "Save" - now your button links directly to your booking page.

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