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How do I choose my free domain name?
How do I choose my free domain name?
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If you've already launched your website just send us a message to request your domain. Tap or click the messenger icon in the lower-right corner of this screen to begin:

We offer a free ".com" domain for all of our paying users, so it won't cost you anything extra. It's truly the easiest way to get a custom domain that fits your business.

In some cases, your domain may already be taken - if that's the case, we'll offer some alternative ideas. We can't move forward until we hear back from you, so if that happens, please reply ASAP to let us know what other domain you'd like.

If you're not sure what domain to pick, here are some general best-practices:

1. Choose a domain that is very similar to your business name

For example, Paperclip Factory LLC should be or to make sure that your brand stays consistent everywhere. (You can always drop the "LLC" from your domain if you'd like.)

2. The best domains include keywords people might search for

If you're a health & fitness coach, for example, you COULD just use your full name as your domain. After all, people might be searching for your name. However, a more effective domain might include the word "fitness" "health" or "coach".

In some cases, you might be able to do both ( for example).

3. Try to keep your domains short: 3 words or less

This is a suggestion, not a hard rule, but it'll be easier for people to remember if your domain is fairly short.

Lastly, make sure you like how your domain looks and sounds! It'll be the name of your website for the life of your business - so practice saying it a few times and make sure it feels right!

Already have a domain? No problem, you can use any domain that you've registered (even if it's not through Zarla). Head over to our domain pointing tutorials to learn how to set up your existing domain with your Zarla website.

NOTE: If you're looking for excellent domain name or business name ideas, we recommend trying or

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