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How do I change the colors on my website?
How do I change the colors on my website?
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Your Zarla website was designed to automatically use the colors from your Zarla logo.

If you don't have a Zarla logo yet, go to and follow the directions to easily create your logo in minutes.

If you choose to have a background color behind your logo (other than white) then your website header will also have that color. The colors you choose for your logo icon, name, and slogan, will also be used subtly throughout your website.

Example of a Zarla website, showing a two-tone blue logo and similar colors appearing through the website design.

Once you've created your logo, go to your logo download page and let us know you're ready. Your logo and colors will be added as soon as we receive your request.

If you already have a Zarla logo but don't want those colors on your website, you can always edit your logo to change the colors, or create a new Zarla logo. Just let us know you've made those changes, and are ready for the new colors to go up on your website.

Please note: We use white or light gray behind the majority of your website text for accessibility reasons. Most colors behind text can make it hard to read for people with vision issues, and the best way to prevent that is to use white/light backgrounds for any parts of your website that have a lot of text.

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