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How do I optimize my Google Business Profile to get more views and customers?
How do I optimize my Google Business Profile to get more views and customers?

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If you want your Google Business Profile to show up first in Google Maps and local searches, there are just a few things you need to do :

1. Ask for ratings & reviews

The #1 thing you can do to show up in Google's local business results is to have recent, glowing reviews from your customers - and the best way to get those reviews, is to ask!

Use this template to request a rating from every happy customer:

​[First name], thanks for trusting me with your [specific service]. Would you be willing to share a quick rating of how I did? It won't take more than a minute, and every rating we get helps a ton.

​Here's where you can leave your rating: [Link goes here]

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

[Owner's name]

[Business name]

For the best results, it's a good idea to give customers a heads-up that you'll be sending them this text or email. Click here for more tips on getting 5-star reviews.

Google looks at your customer ratings to determine which businesses will appeal to other searchers. If you can get 5-10 reviews you'll most likely start seeing your business rank at the top of Google's local results.

2. Upload a standout cover image (and other images)

Do a Google search for any type of business - let's use "Dessert Shop" for this example - and take a look at the cover photos that businesses in your area are using.

The better the image, the more likely people are to click, and Google pays attention to that! The more clicks your image gets, the more likely it is that Google will put your business at the top of it's Local Places list.

So when you launch your Google Business Profile, do a little research into your own competitors, and take note of what they're using for their photos.

Then, take a photo that blows all of theirs out of the water. Get a little closer to your subject matter. Make sure you have plenty of lighting. Make it appealing. And above all, make it obvious what your business is all about through that single photo alone.

The better your photo is, the better your business will do.

3. Include a popular keyword in your Profile name

Let's say you're a plumber - if your Business Profile name doesn't include "Plumbing" or "Plumber" in the title, then you're going to lose out on a lot of business!

This tip might sound obvious, but we had to include it, because there are plenty of businesses out there that don't include what they do in their name.

The other words in your business name aren't nearly as important. Ideally a similar domain will also be available, so that your Business Profile name and domain name match as closely as possible.

Need help coming up with a business name? Try or!

4. Post regular updates to your Google Business Profile

Think of these like short blog posts or other social media announcements. You don't have to write long articles, or worry about making a perfect composition - just add a photo from your business, and write a short announcement.

Posting on a regular schedule will help Google know that you're remaining active and busy in your industry. This won't ever replace the importance of getting 5-star reviews, but it definitely fills out your profile and will help round out your online presence.

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