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How to Verify Your Google Business Profile with a Video
How to Verify Your Google Business Profile with a Video

You don't need a physical storefront or public office location, as long as you follow these steps.

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When Google asks for a video to prove your business exists, and you DON'T have a business address or storefront, you might think you're out of luck.

But that's not the case! Any legitimate business - even brand new businesses - can get approved by Google through their video verification process. Here's how:

1. Set a service area for your Google Business Profile

As you create your Google Business Profile tell Google you have a "Service Area" instead of a "Storefront or Office" location.

Then give Google your address from within that service area. This address will not be made public; it's for verification only (so you can use your home address for this step).

NOTE: Your service area can be a city, region, or even the entire country.

You'll probably find the most success by picking your own city and the surrounding area, but it's up to you how wide you want to offer your services.

2. Record the nearest intersection

Starting at the nearest cross street to your address, take a video of the street name with your phone and walk towards your address, keeping the video going the whole time.

Try to record the address or number on your building as you approach. You want Google to be able to verify exactly where you are.

3. Show yourself unlocking & entering your work area

With your video still running, unlock and enter your home or workspace. If you have a work vehicle with your business name or branding on it, unlock and enter the vehicle, too.

This lets Google know that you have access to restricted areas that only a business owner could have.

4. Prove that you own the tools your business uses

If you use software specific to your business, show yourself logging into that on your computer. If you store tools for your business (lawn mowers for a landscaping company, brushes and products for pet grooming, etc.) include those tools in your video.

If you have a logo/business cards/letterheads/business invoices, etc, show those on your desk. You can even set up an official email address with your business name, and log into that on your computer

5. After finishing those steps, stop recording

Your video should not be edited or altered, just upload it to Google as-is.

If you can't easily record the steps mentioned in this article, take the time to make your business more legitimate, first.

For example, get a professional logo and business cards, create a website you can log into, pay for internet or other services with your business name and keep the invoice, show a business card or business registration information, etc.

As long as Google can see proof of your business near the location you've claimed, they'll verify your business without any issues.

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