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Champions of Free: Why Zarla Gives Free Logo Vector Files with Every Logo
Champions of Free: Why Zarla Gives Free Logo Vector Files with Every Logo

There’s a disturbing trend among logo makers to charge monthly fees for generated logos - when did that start? And why are we allowing it?

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Visit any number of online logo makers and you might notice something strange - there are no prices listed, anywhere.

Are their logos free? No. Just the opposite. Many logo generators are now charging monthly subscriptions for your logo.

Sure, you might be able to get a low-res logo file for free, or maybe twenty bucks (no transparent background, sorry!) but can you use that kind of logo everywhere you need to?

Absolutely not.

A real logo is something you can use whenever, wherever - and it’s high-quality enough to make your business look professional in every situation. That’s why Zarla is now offering free vector files with our free logo downloads.

Vector files can be scaled to any size while retaining perfect resolution, making them incredibly helpful for banners, web use, custom merchandise, you name it.

And Zarla is the only free logo maker offering free vector logos anywhere online.

Other top logo makers are going a different direction - charging new business owners recurring monthly fees just to access their own logo files.

We don’t want that to be your only option for logos.

Zarla’s goal is to be a better kind of logo maker - a partner, solving problems for you rather than adding more obstacles in your path. That’s why we offer free social media icons, a free logo brand guide, and an incredibly affordable AI website builder too.

Use our logo and branding tools for free, as long as you’d like - then, when it comes time to grow your business further, give our AI-powered website builder a try and see just how easy it is to build and launch your website in 30 seconds!

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