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Your Logo Brand Guide, Free at Zarla
Your Logo Brand Guide, Free at Zarla

Don’t just build a logo. Build a brand.

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When you create a logo for your business, you’re doing a lot more than picking out a nice icon. Ideally, you’re choosing memorable colors, fonts, AND imagery that people will associate with your brand – forever!

If all goes well, your brand will be present in every aspect of your business, from the look of your logo to the colors of your packaging, to the fonts you use on your website and every other place your business connects with people.

But (and this is important!) branding only works if it’s consistent.

If your logo looks one way on your website, but uses a different font or color on your business cards or on your company hats and T-shirts, people won’t know what to expect – they won’t be able to associate a specific symbol, color, or font with your brand.

To help, we’ve launched personalized brand guides for every logo generated by Zarla, past, present, and future. And we’ll keep your brand guide available on your logo download page as long as you need it, absolutely free.

You can access your brand guide day or night to remind yourself of your logo’s exact details, including:

  • Color palette

  • Fonts

  • Icon

  • Background

Example of a Zarla brand guide.

If you’re working with a designer or printer, we’ve got your color’s hex codes you can send them as well, so they’ll have the exact color every time.

It’s never been easier to keep your business brand consistent.

Our goal at Zarla is to build tools that really help entrepreneurs succeed – so if our brand tools have been helpful, check out our AI website builder, too! You can create a professional website in seconds, edit it from your phone, and launch your business today.

Try it out!

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