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Why choose Zarla to build a website?
Why choose Zarla to build a website?

Reason #1: You can do it all from your phone.

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Zarla's AI website builder displayed on a smartphone, showing a simple website editor. The text to one side reads, "Zarla. The "no code, no laptop" website builder with some steps on how to generate your own website.

There are so many website builders to choose from, you might be wondering "Why should I pick Zarla to build my business website over Wix, Squarespace, or any of the others?"

First, Zarla is the easiest builder to use. It’s actually an AI website creator, so "building" your website really just means answering a few questions about your business.

Our AI then use that information to create all the content for your website — including high-quality images, well-written content, and a fully completed design in under a minute.

You can customize your website yourself, right from your phone, but you never have to write anything unless you want to, and you will NEVER need any tech, coding, or design skills.

All this makes Zarla unique, especially compared to traditional website builders where you’d need to choose your own template, buy your own domain name (your domain is free at Zarla) and even write your own content.

Instead of taking hours, or even weeks, of your time, you can have a finished website in minutes.

If you're not a web designer, Zarla is the easiest way to get a beautiful, finished website in less than a minute. And, our support team is here to help with any extra features you’d like to add.

Zarla offers the most bang for your buck, with an affordable $9/month price that covers everything from hosting to domain, to SSL and a professional forwarding email. There are no add-on fees — guaranteed!

By all means, compare us to any other website builder you're curious about! Our AI website builder will provide you with everything you need at a better price and without the time or hassle, so you can actually launch your business today.

Need specific advice for your business? Join Zarla's free online community of business owners and get marketing ideas, business help, mentoring, and more!

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