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Millions of Free Business Websites will be Shut Down by Google in March 2024
Millions of Free Business Websites will be Shut Down by Google in March 2024

Free websites ending in created from Google Business Profiles won't be live much longer. But don't worry! You've got options.

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An estimated 20 million-plus websites will be removed from Google's Search Results in March, many of which are owned by active small businesses.

You probably have some questions! Here's what you need to know:

Will these website shutdowns affect my business?

If you're a small business relying on web traffic and your only website is a from Google, then yes, you will see a drop in traffic, leads, and customers arriving from organic searches.

However, if you own a second website for your business it may not be an issue. Check your traffic numbers and see which website the majority of your visitors are landing at. If they're mostly viewing that second website (let's call it your primary website) then you don't have much to worry about.

Just make sure to update your Google Business Profile so that it links from your Profile to your primary website. That way when your free website is shut down, no one will be directed to that old page by accident.

NOTE: If you've set up a custom domain for your free website from Google, then it may not end in "" but it will still be shut down in March. Double-check with your domain registrar if you're not sure.

When will Google turn off my

Starting in March your free Google website will redirect back to your Google Business Profile. Anyone looking for your hours or contact info will probably be successful at finding that information in your Google Business Profile.

Just make sure to keep your Profile up-to-date, or, better yet, find a new website solution before the redirect starts. By June 10th anyone visiting your old will get an error page instead.

It probably goes without saying that if you're using your URL in ongoing email campaigns, social media links, business cards, or flyers, you'll want to get those changed before June 10th.

Can I just transfer my website to another host?

No. Google doesn't offer that option. You could copy all the text and images if you want to add them to your next website - but all of that information should still be available on your Google Business Profile regardless.

The best solution if you need a new website, is to create a brand new one on a new platform.

New website options vs Google Business Websites

If you own a restaurant, coffee shop, or food truck and need to get a page up fast, Wix or Squarespace can work well. It's not going to be free, but their templates are made for businesses like yours.

For small stores or single-product businesses, try Shopify, Bigcommerce, or BigCartel. This could be the perfect time to get your products online! Of the three mentioned above, BigCartel is the only one with a free option, but they all offer a free trial.

And if you have a service business (landscaping, house cleaning, pet grooming, etc) or own a local walk-in business (beauty salon, yoga studio, laundromat and so on) then Zarla is the perfect fit for you.

Zarla makes it easy to create a new website instantly

At Zarla, we use AI to generate text, images, even logo and branding so you can click and be done today. There are just 4 easy steps:

1. Go to and enter your business name

2. Enter any word that describes your business

As you start typing, you will see category suggestions appear. Select the one that fits your business best, and click “Next.”

3. Add a brief description of your business

You can also adjust your business name if needed. Whatever you write here will be used by our AI to generate your unique website content.

Tip: Mention the specific services you offer, your business mission, and anything that makes your business unique and interesting. You'll get custom sections added to your website based on what makes you different from your competitors!

4. Enter your business address and phone number

When you click "Create my website now!" our AI will generate a completed website in seconds, with your contact details, a description of your business and services, and images to match.

There's no cost to see how it looks, or even edit your website! To make changes just sign up for a Zarla account with your email and a password. It's 100% free, and allows you to save your website for up to 30 days with no obligation.

Learn more or create your own website today!

Go to and see exactly what we offer!

Our pricing is simple and affordable: just $9/month. It comes with unlimited hosting, a free custom domain, mobile editing (so you can update your website anytime, anywhere) and world-class support.

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