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Say 👋 to Zarla’s AI-powered Website Builder!
Say 👋 to Zarla’s AI-powered Website Builder!

Now you can get a logo AND a business website in less than 30 seconds.

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It’s official! Zarla’s newest AI tool is the world’s simplest website builder that takes ALL the guesswork out of creating your online presence.

We’ve combined the raw, creative power of AI with high-quality images, professionally-designed layouts, and expert search engine optimization to make launching your new website the easiest thing you’ll do all day.

Take a look at what's possible with just a few prompts!

Image of a business website generated by AI

If you’re a savvy web user you’re probably pretty skeptical right now (and that’s understandable!) Up until now, most website builders have a steep learning curve and require days, if not weeks of research, writing, and … well … work!

Zarla is a completely different animal.

With Zarla you simply enter your business name, industry, and a short description of what you do. If your business has a phone number and physical address, you can add those as well—they'll be included in prominent places so your customers can easily get in touch.

Screenshot showing a review section in an AI generated website

Then with the click of a button, your website will be created right in front of you, with everything you need to showcase your business and services. There's literally never been an easier way to get you business online fast.

How much does it cost to use Zarla’s website builder?

It costs absolutely nothing to create, explore, and edit your website—in fact, you can generate as many new websites as you want. If you like what you see, just sign up for a free account to start editing or make other changes.

When you’re ready to launch, Zarla provides unlimited hosting for just $9/month. That’s the only fee we charge, and it’s ONLY when you decide you want your business to be found online.

List of services offered in a local business website created by AI

What's included?

For starters, since we already create logos, adding your Zarla logo and colors to your website is a snap!

If you create a Zarla logo first, your website will be generated with all of your branding by default. Our logos are 100% free so there’s never any additional cost or time to look professional. 😊

Zarla websites also come with a built-in link to Google Maps, a contact form, simple navigation, and most importantly, a mobile-first design so you can rest assured your website will load fast and be easy to use on every single device.

Contact form and map section of an ai-powered website

If you’re finally ready to get your business online without the hassle, or just want to learn more about what we do, visit and generate your website today!

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