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24 Pro Business Card Designs - Free at Zarla!
24 Pro Business Card Designs - Free at Zarla!

Customizable for any business and ready-to-print in minutes.

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Business cards are modern messages in a bottle.

If you make a point to hand them out and leave them everywhere you can, they’ll keep floating around forever, bringing you new AND repeat customers when you least expect it.

Done right, it’s the simplest marketing you’ll ever do.

Done wrong… well. Most likely those cards are just going in the trash.

So it’s extremely important that your business cards represent you in the best light possible – especially when seen next to a competitor’s card. One well-designed card could tip an important decision in your favor, rather than the business down the street.

Unfortunately when you’re just starting out, paying for a designer isn’t always in the cards.😏

That’s why we’ve designed them for you – Zarla is giving away 24 business card templates in a variety of styles, colors, and fonts. Just create a free logo at and you’ll get access to all 24 professional business card designs, absolutely free.

We’ll also send you step-by-step instructions to help you customize your business cards on Canva, so you can make changes yourself, without paying a designer.

Starting a new business shouldn’t feel like you’re stuck on a deserted island all alone. We’re here to help. And everything we do is geared towards getting you more customers to grow your business.

PS, did we mention we also offer free logo vector files, a free brand guide, and AI-powered websites for small businesses that cost less than a burger and fries each month?

That’s right. If you’ve got $9 to spend each month, you can have a business website built for you by AI in seconds. Try it out at today.

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