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I need a domain, email, and website. What do I do first?
I need a domain, email, and website. What do I do first?

We'll take you through each step in logical order. Here's how:

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Step 1. Generate your website at Zarla first

At Zarla we start with the website, every time.

You'll begin by creating your website for free at With the help of our AI, you'll have a finished website in seconds - yes, really! 😮

Making changes is also free which means you can update your website however you want. You can add your own images (or request different images from us), change the wording, and make sure your website logo and colors are consistent with your brand.

If there's anything you can't do, just ask us to help!

Then, when you're happy with how everything looks, it's time to officially launch your website and choose your free domain.

Already have a domain? No worries! We'll help you set it up after you launch.

Step 2. Launch & choose your domain

When you launch your website at Zarla, you only pay for hosting. There are no other fees, no setup costs, and no upcharges.

It's just $9/month for unlimited bandwidth and no limitations on you or your visitors. Plus, we throw in even more extras like a free domain, free forwarding email, free SSL - you get the idea. 😊

To launch, click the "Launch" button and choose a monthly or yearly subscription. Once you're subscribed, your website will be live instantly.

But it doesn't end there - you also get a free domain name ending in ".com" with your paid hosting plan. We'll send you a message right after you sign up asking you what domain you'd like.

When you reply we'll check to make sure the domain you want IS actually available, offer suggestions if it isn't, and then register and set it up the domain that you've chosen.

Step 3. Choose your professional email address

Now that your website is built and it's been published on your domain, it's time to choose a professional email address for your business.

We'll help with this too! This article explains the two email options you have. You can also request your professional email address right from that page.

Please make sure you've completed the first two steps before requesting your email.

We realize that creating your website first and then choosing a domain name may feel counterintuitive. But doing it this way ensures that you love your website before getting locked into a domain name.

You'll also need to choose your email address last, since it will rely on your domain name.

No matter where you're at in this process, our team is looking forward to helping out! If you have any other questions, please ask.

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